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War against War

Finally, and although it may seem surprising to say this in the current climate of war, it is impossible to make a fundamental distinction between wartime and peacetime, among other reasons, because one of the pillars of militarism today and for the past hundred years has been dual research, aiming “simultaneously to maximize the civilian spin-offs of defense research and to make the defense domain benefit from the advances of civilian research”, as is very clearly asserted by the delegate general for armaments responsible for the program n° 191 Dual research (civilian and military) in the 2022 budget, and as is evidenced by the existence of the array of electronic objects that pervade our daily lives. If this could at least silence those who still believe in the importance of the role of science and technological research for “human progress,” or at least convince them that these are not neutral, we for our part draw an additional conclusion that we encourage sharing with all those who care about fighting war: in times of war or in times of peace, it is necessary to look at the actors, the interests and the structures which, intertwined, concretely make war possible and to search for the cogs of this industry, in order to try to give ourselves the means to sabotage the war machine.

Anarchist and Internationalist perspectives.

Translated from Guerre à la guerre.

Taken from act for freedom now!


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